The Importance of Clutter Clearing to Good Feng Shui

One of the things that I would talk to you about during a consultation, is the importance of moving furniture and going through your possessions to evaluate what is broken, what hasn't been used for a long time, what has sentimental value?

Not moving things around, or not getting rid of unwanted things, causes a stale negative energy to accumulate in your home.  Holding on to old things can indicate an unwillingness to let go of the past and to move on to a new and better life in the future.  This kind of clutter stops new things with positive energy from entering your life.

Eliminating clutter in the house is one of the first things to look at during Feng Shui Optimisation.   If you are not prepared to get rid of things or to give them away, or have a garage sale, that may reduce the chance of the important changes you desire from taking place.

In  the process of de-cluttering your house, you have to be careful not to go from one extreme to the other. When getting rid of things, be sure that is really what you want to do; donít overdo it and end up with a neutralized area or environment to live in.  It is important that you follow your own intuition about everything that you look at.

Our lives have become so busy!  In the olden days, people took much more notice of what the environment around them was trying to tell them.
Today we try to put so much into our lives that we forget about what is really going on.  We go to work when itís dark; we work in artificial light; we go home when itís dark; we donít really see what is going on around us.
This applies the same for our intuition.  Because our lives are so hectic, our intuition is becoming smothered in the activities that we are trying to accomplish in our lives, so for intuition to grow, we need to make sure that our lives are more balanced.