What is it like meeting new clients with relationship problems and offering Feng Shui advice to people whose self-esteem is shot to pieces?
At my age, I can say I have experienced all the emotions and most of the issues my clients have, and come through the other end to find happiness with my soul-mate by implementing Feng Shui Principals into my life.
I have found that single people of both sexes need to know that you canít learn the lessons of relationships in a class room.  All relationships are different and, like different plants, each relationship needs to be nurtured and needs constant attention to survive.

Feng Shui Principals can reinforce positive thought.

We have all experienced relationships losing that zing and intrigue they have at the start. Some couples donít even recognize that their relationship has entered a stagnant period, when life has become so hectic with trying to live up to the expectations of todayís society, they forget the relationship needs constant attention.
My philosophy is that maintaining relationships will be the hardest job we commit to, and we need to work on our relationships everyday. There is so much advice available to help repair any type of troubled relationship, but first there is a need to recognize when your relationship is in trouble.

Through the principles of Feng Shui, I will endeavour to assess your bedroom and home and seek to change the negative/stagnant energies in your bedroom to passionate and harmonious energies. Having changed these energies, you will want to spend more time in the bedroom meeting on a physical and emotional level.