“Consultation Report Recommendation.”

When considering a consultation, I recommend having a written report because no-one could be expected to remember all the details I discuss during my lengthy in-person consultations (usually at least three hours).
My written reports are usually about 80 pages of A4, and are quite detailed.
My off-site Feng Shui Consultations receive every bit as much expert and detailed attention as do my on-site consultations.

You will receive as part of your exclusive consultation, a very complete and amazingly informative printed report, made just for you, and attractively presented in a clear display book.
You will be able to refer again and again to your Feng Shui report, and never have to worry about forgetting any of the valuable advice which I will give you while talking to you in your house or business. ( Few consultants do this. )
Let me show you how to carry out the changes which will make all the difference to your home or business. Together we can bring Feng Shui Harmony into your life.
Expect amazing improvements to your life and relationships by the application of Feng Shui Principles in your home.

Give yourself new opportunities, open up your potential for success, whether it be in love or business; have me assess your home or business from the Feng Shui perspective.