Each Feng Shui Consultantsí advice and recommendations vary and it is important to be aware of this when choosing a consultant.
Each Feng Shui Consultantsí recommendations are unique and individual to enhance your home or workplace and its occupants from the philosophies of Feng Shui practiced by the individual practitioner.
It is not recommended to incorporate advice from two or more different practitioners, as confusion may result.

Different reasons why people seek Feng Shui Consultations and advice are:

To stimulate and enhance, the flow of positive chi energy in a residential home or unit.
To create prosperity in the Office or Work Place.
To achieve harmony between all work colleagues.
To offer Feng Shui advice, for plans of your new home, unit and business premises.
To review and advise house renovation for existing home or business.
Offering Feng Shui advise when relocating a home or business,
To provide Feng Shui advise on a pre-purchase assessment of a new home, business or office.
To use Feng Shui solutions to change your bad luck, illness, personal or business relationships issues and creating better prosperity.
To offer Feng Shui advise about good furniture placements to improve all aspects of prosperity of your home or business.
Where to place auspicious objects to enhance prosperity or reduce negative chi energy.
Seeking colour advice to improve prosperity and harmony in each room of your home or business.
Seeking colour advice to improve prosperity when looking to re-paint your home or business, which can enable you to know which parts of your home or business can be enhanced by which colour.
To seek advice when designing a business Logo or uniforms.
How to choose the right block of land and what direction to build your new home or new business on so that it attracts prosperity and harmony for your future.
How and why it is important to cleanse a house, unit or business of the energies from past tenants before moving in.